A Journey in the Desert: Teaching in Phoenix

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May 31 2011

“What we call the beginning is often the end, And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”-T.S. Eliot

If we start from the end of something, what a something I’ve had in my life. My move to Phoenix in a few days signals, not only a fresh start in a new city, new career, new everything, but also signals that the life I have led up until this point is meeting an end. Not the kind of end we all dread about, like the loss of something dear to us, but more like the end of a great book or movie. You leave that experience a changed person, no longer able to live as you once did, and yet, you still retain the characteristics that make you who you are. That’s how I feel. Pleasant and reflective.

If you pulled me aside after my high school graduation in May 2005, and told me that in about 6 years, I’d be back, I would have asked you, “What could I possibly be coming back for?” But, a lot can happen to a person in such a time. I have gone through many things that have made me a more mature, more level-headed person, while at the same time, I have also had experiences that have made me more adventurous. All in all, the past 24 years of my life have been years I would never trade back, never change, despite the hardships.

And that book is almost over. Time to turn the page, and see what the next book has in store!

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